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Sep 26, 2011 5:00pm PDT
6%. california's the 5.8%, in june of 2009 when the recession officially ended, nevada and michigan top 12%. now, nevada is still over 12 percent and so is california. last week, the economist at ucla said that some sections of the state may not see a recovery for another five years. >> some encouraging news on the national job front, macy's says that it plans on hiring nearly 8000 seasonal workers this holiday season that is about 4 percent more than last year. the new hires who were both in the retail stores and filling on my orders. the death of a cancer patient in the east bay is being called a tragic accident. this as multiple agencies now launch investigations into the case. it happened here, in oakland, the hospital management said the patient died because of a medical error. while she was under the care of a replacement worker, the hospital has been using temporary nurses after a one day strike last week that led to a lockout. this is a picture of the patient her name is judith, she was being treated at the open facility for an undisclosed type of cancer. teresa estacio rep
Sep 16, 2011 5:00pm PDT
the regional mechanics and it is in good working order. >> this next fishermen in michigan. it was really struggling. he helped and eventually released the fawn, >> this baby rescue. you can see it is sitting on the concrete the rescue of the 1 month old took two awards. it is now recovering at the wild care rehabilitation in san rafael. we will be back. so...what do you think? i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small. what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home. fast >>catherine: this is in libya one of the last cities loyal to moammar gaddafi sirte, this is near the manchurian coast near his home town. libyan forces say they have captured 40 operati opposition soldiers. >> returning to earth after five months without gravity. with cosmonauts, they quickly came drifting home overnight back from the international space station. they were on board a soviet capsule. the central asia cause of st >> the bill has been
Sep 23, 2011 5:00pm PDT
and president obama to turn over all communication. fred upton from michigan compared this to the great train robbery in england in the 1960's. by the way? of 1100 people lost their jobs. how they did not commit any advance warning. >> and many of those former employees from a self a college campus with a jobs fair. it is the first of several planned event federal focused on hoping to help those out of job- seekers. they are ready to get back to work. >> i was a person that got downsized. robotics, automation. >> reporter: 8 packed house standing in long lines looking for work at this jobs fair. >> it is all about hiring castro is the alameda workforce investment board. it is assisting the 1100 workers, vendors, contractors and lost their jobs with the solar company. >> we are here to help the workers transition there out of work of no fault of their own. we hope this gives them hope, opportunity >> reporter: cleaned second solar industry brought 700 job openings. half the former workers brought plenty of resonates. >> how many? >> 35. , 18 resonates. >> this single worker of three handed out
Aug 31, 2011 5:00pm PDT
wheels. at members of the crime organization and rented them and ohio and michigan, the suspects then reported the car stolen or carjacked in detroit. but they would actually drive the cars to canada, investigators say that the cars were shipped to the middle east and then sold. and a jobs fair in los angeles today, the line wrapped around the block. like this, some job seekers are arrived at 3:00 a.m. and the event today was one of several across the country the cells organized by the congressional black caucus, currently the united states unemployment rate is just above 9%. >> a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this afternoon still fall be right along the bridge, the sunny skies through most of the bay area. we see a few patches of fog leaned close to the coastline and spilling into the golden gate we have seen bricks of sunshine for parts of the coast. now the fog is expected to fill back into our morning but it will be very minimal. mainly along the coastline it will not last very long at all. it is clearing out by new enterprise one of very quickly in places like
Sep 5, 2011 5:00pm PDT
in detroit, michigan. a rallied support with his much- anticipated speech on job one- third stake. >> far with the franklin! >> our brief the french and warm up the pro-union crowd aretha franklin--aretha--and president obama stepped up. >> thank you detroit! he is looking for lawmakers to create the jobs they so desperately need. >> the time for action is now! no more manufactured crisis, no more games. no is not the time for people in their washington to worry about their jobs it is their time to worry about your jobs. if >> these remarks are a key first the address we joint session in congress were present go on building a jobs plan to read at a form in south carolina on monday republican hopefuls took turns bashing president obama. >> we have to repeal the obama- care and other regulations, or legislation of this administration has put troops court in new hampshire, the tea party event with sarah palin taking shots. go for the first time in history a credit rating downgrade that happens because our president does not have any plan to tackle politicians self- promotion deuced deficit a
Sep 7, 2011 5:00pm PDT
an e-mail from michigan fired over the phone by the chairman of the their financial records. and according to a report face but doubled to $1.6 million. as a private company they do not reportedly post their earnings but it estimates that they had 1.8 6 billion last year and predicted it will be a little over 4 billion in global revenues for 2011 becomes as facebook reached $100 billion before it recessed the ipo for next year. the ipad to is a thin device. if the report is true. it may be thinner and lighter thanks to a battery pack and expect to shell out more money for the device. it will come in a 20 to 30% bigger price point because of the advanced technology used. >> here is dan roberts found people behaving badly. >> you touch my camera i will have your arrested. >> if he did not stop film me i was take your camera. >> you have been warned. i will call the police. if you touch it out of the pleas. >> please turn off. >> i do not i will need to get away. >> : copt i will give you my cellphone. >> let me get district, it is completely ok to walk around but naked
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6